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Right Track is a Public Transport Authority (PTA) program that’s all about safer travel and encourages young passengers to become more responsible for their own safety and to make positive choices.
Our aim is to help young people understand why there is a code of behaviour for public transport by looking at the rights and responsibilities of all passengers. We do this through our youth engagement activities as well as through our school education program which is endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Our goal is to help mentor and educate young people on the positive roles they can play in their community. 
Right Track is committed to a human-centered design approach, focusing on listening to what youth have to say about public transport and working with communities to provide safe travel for everyone. PTA continuously consults with young people about their community and transport issues that affect them, and involves young people in the design of programs and approaches to address these issues. To find out more about the behaviours Right Track seeks to address and the insights we have gained click here.


In 2019, over the course of six months, Right Track embarked on a rapid social innovation process. This process enabled Right Track to challenge any underlying assumptions and ensure the program draws from industry best practice, relevant available research, and data to inform our pathway forwards. 

This process involved: 

  • a rapid information review – where international best practice was identified and local data was incorporated.
  • a series of facilitated discussions with young people who have experienced issues on the network, and youth sector professionals that see the direct implications of some of those issues identified, as well as PTA front-line staff who could offer their perspectives on issues they were experiencing with young people.
  • Insights were then generated and cross-checked with key stakeholders, the majority of which were young people with lived experience, at a co-design workshop held in late August.

The resulting report, as well as the new directions for the future of the program are available for download below. If you have any questions at all about the process, findings or feel there may be opportunities to work together collectively on any of the core priorities as outlined in the directions paper, please feel free to get in touch.  




  • Highly Commended 2017 Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Awards
  • Highly Commended 2015 Western Australia Constable Care Child Safety Awards
  • Winner, 2009 PRIA Awards for Excellence, Community Relations - Mirrabooka Bus Station Redevelopment
  • Winner, 2009 PRIA Awards for Excellence, Corporate Social Responsibility – Right Track
  • Winner, 2007 PRIA Awards for Excellence, Community Relations – Stay off the Tracks/Armadale Line
  • Highly Commended 2009 Injury Control Council of Western Australia Injury Prevention Awards
  • Winner 2007 Australasian Railway Association Rail Industry Awards for Excellence - Safety Innovation and Improvement Award


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