Teacher Resources

“This is a very good program and should be taught at all levels in schools to teach students about public safety on public transport. Thanks for developing such a useful resource.” 

Val Fasciani, Teacher, North Lake Senior Campus

This resource enables young people and public transport users to reflect on their public transport experiences and to determine what their expectations and needs are of the public transport system. This resource enables young people to think about the positive
actions they could take if they are in a situation where they are observing or experiencing bullying or other anti-social behaviours.
This resource provides opportunities to help young people understand the implications of their
risk-taking behaviours, particularly around trains, and why these behaviours are considered



The Right Track teaching resources give teachers an easy and concise way to teach students why there is a code of behavior for public transport by looking at the rights and responsibilities of all passengers. By educating young people on the consequences of unsafe behaviour around public transport teachers can help reduce risk-taking behaviour. The resources adopt a strength-based approach by supporting students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they require to make healthy, safe and active choices that will enhance their own and others' health and well-being.

These resources are designed to be used as a flexible teaching tool and the activities may be adapted for students' individual needs. There is a complementary DVD available upon request or on our You Tube page . The resources are packaged by theme and have been mapped to the West Australian curriculum and all learning areas.  

Additional Resources

There is a variety of additional teacher resources suitable for differing teaching needs:

  • the whole Right Track package with  activities including resources mapped to all learning areas,
  • the Trains move faster than you booklet focuses directly on pedestrian crossing safety for older students, 
  • the Juvenile Justice Team resources were developed in conjunction with the Department of Corrective Services for those at-risk of engaging in track crime behaviour, and 
  • the TrackSAFE educational resources Be on the Safe Side were developed for mainstream students with links to the national curriculum. 


These resources and activities can be used in conjunction with the overall Right Track program or by themselves to highlight the importance of responsible behavior around the public transport system in Perth.

Access these resources via the side menu to the left of the page, or by contacting therighttrack@pta.wa.gov.au