Juvenile Justice Team Program

This program has been developed in collaboration with the department of Corrective Services for use with Juvenile Justice Teams. It addresses issues of risk-taking, trespass, and anti-social behaviour on or around the public transport network.

The program aims to increase knowledge of the appropriate conduct expected when using the public transport system, promote the safe use of the public transport system as well as raising awareness of the risks associated with the public transport system.

The activities in the responsible behaviour section are designed to be used in every session and then an activity can be chosen from the other sections based on the offence the young person has committed.

An induction is offered to every officer prior to the beginning of the program, enabling them to deliver the package confidently. Please email therighttrack@pta.wa.gov.au to book in an induction or to receive a copy of the corresponding DVDs.

 Responsible Behaviour   Download Worksheet
 Anti-Social Behaviour   Download Worksheet
 Get to know your Security Officers   Download Worksheet
 Trespass and Risk-Taking Behaviour   Download Worksheet