Who We Are


We have many well trained staff working to ensure the trains and buses are as safe as possible.

Central Monitoring Room Staff -

To make sure the train network is safe, PTA maintains a high quality security system which is monitored 24/7 by the Central Monitoring Room staff.

This system consists of closed-circuit surveillance systems at every station and carpark, in every carriage on every train, and on every bus.

This is backed up by red emergency buttons on every train and station, a public address system at every station and lighting at train and bus stations.

These cameras are there to ensure your safety but also to monitor unsafe and anti-social behaviour on or around public transport. They help to catch people who trespass and graffiti. So remember, you can’t rewind your actions, but we can.

Transit Officers -

Transit Officers provide assistance to passengers and play a vital role to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of public transport in Perth. Transit Officers look out for passengers with special needs and those who need other assistance such as lost children, disoriented or ill passengers, as well as drunk or disorderly persons.

They also have the power to arrest on PTA property and work closely with Police to identify and combat anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in and around PTA’s facilities and property.

WA Police Railway Unit -

This police unit works closely with Transit Officers to provide policing and security services on Perth’s train networks.

This helps to reduce security problems and criminal activity on the trains to make your journey safer.

Revenue Protection Officers -

This is a specialist group of officers that focus on fare-evasion related crimes.

They can give infringements and fines just like Transit Officers.
Revenue Protection Officer