Rewarding Good Behaviour

Rewarding Good Behaviour

In an effort to break down barriers and build positive relationships between Transit Officers and young people, the second round of the Right Track Reward Card campaign is about to kick off.

The campaign involves Transit Officers keeping an eye out for young people doing the right thing on and around public transport. The officers hand out reward cards outlining the actions they identify as being in line with Right Track’s key messages of safety and respect.

The aim of the campaign is to give Transit Officers the opportunity to engage with young people in a positive way and show young people that we do notice and appreciate good behaviour on the network.

The next round is running for the month of October as part of Community Safety Month and finishes on November 4 so keep up that good behaviour and keep an eye out for an officer handing the cards out at a station or on a train near you!

Winners will be drawn on the November 17 and for more terms and conditions click here.