And the winners are...

And the winners are...

Thank you to all of the young people who stayed safe and participated in the Right Track Reward Card program for Community Safety Month in October.

There were 326 cards awarded to people for behaviours ranging from being safe on the platform to being respectful to other passengers.

The winners received a double movie pass and a letter from the PTA thanking them for their good behaviour and encouraging them to keep up the good work.

Transit Officers found it to be a positive experience, enabling them to reward all those doing the right thing on the network.

“It was something I saw as outside my comfort zone but also a very good reason to be able to approach young people with a positive outcome in mind, rather than simply sanctioning their behaviour,” Transit Officer, Fremantle Line

The benefits have also been felt in the community, with reports coming back that young people have taken note of the positive interactions with transit officers.

The following was reported to our colleagues at Save the Children’s One Step Closer program:

“The train safety guards (sic) are now giving us vouchers for doing the right thing and when we buy our tickets they aren’t fining us as much anymore.”

Winners of the 10 double movie passes:

§  Olivia, 16

§  Annette, 17

§  Eemali, 18

§  Ned, 14

§  Saasha, 16

§  Raymond, 16

§  Bailey, 11

§  Manny, 18

§  Zalailah, 11

§  Anthony, 15 


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