Missed out on Jonathan’s presentation?

Have you and your students missed out on a presentation by Jonathan Beninca?

Filmed as part of the PTA’s Right Track program and to support some of the in-class activities, The Wrong Side of The Tracks: The Jonathan Beninca Story, is a short six minute film that re-enacts the circumstances leading up to the fateful night 16 years ago that Jonathan decided to trespass on the rail network and vandalise a train. His choices on that night resulted in the loss of his right leg, right arm and several fingers from his left hand.

This short film has brought to life the consequences of risk-taking and self-destructive behaviour and how those actions have impacted Jonathan’s life and the lives of those around him.

Told in flashback style, the story is a powerful one and is sure to lead into some important conversations with your students about how to appraise their own and others’ health, safety and physical activity practices. When used in conjunction with Activity Ten: What Transperth is doing to help you your students will be encouraged to evaluate their responses to aggression and their justification for using violence as a means to solve their problems as well as discuss the positive and negative impacts that peer influence has on risk-taking behaviour.

For a hard copy of the short film to screen in class please contact the Right Track officer on 9326 2055 or therighttrack@pta.wa.gov.au


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