Take extra care around trains and train stations this winter

Chilly winter temperatures and rainy, windy weather aren’t just an annoying side-effect of the change of seasons, they also serve as a reminder that being safe around the rail network is just as important in the colder months.

The next time you’re at a railway station or a pedestrian crossing during wet weather, make sure you do your best to adjust to the conditions – and we don’t just mean bring an umbrella.

Pavements, stairs, metal railway tracks and platform surfaces can get really slippery in wet or frosty weather, so be sure to leave plenty of time to catch your train or cross the tracks. Don’t run, be sure to concentrate on where you are walking (put the phone away!), hold on to handrails and avoid walking too close to the edge of the platform.  

Always take notice of signage in the area, if there’s a sign that says a walkway is slippery when it’s wet, take extra care and pay attention.

It’s a good idea to check the weather before you head out for the day, so you can dress accordingly. There’s nothing worse than being outside in a gale with a summer dress and high heels or shorts and thongs, and being cold and wet might make you hurry more than you normally would. Just like wearing hot-weather footwear in the wet might make you stumble.

Finally, be sure to plan your journey ahead of time. Leaving plenty of time to catch your train or connecting bus means you won’t be rushing, and you’re less likely to trip or slip. The Transperth App and Transperth website have everything you need to plan your journey.