Transit Officers notice when you do the right thing

If you’ve been using the train recently then you may already be aware of the Right Track Reward Card campaign. The campaign which launched earlier this month and runs until 4 July 2016, aims to reward young people for doing the right thing when they’re out on the rail network. 

Transit Officers will be on the lookout for good behaviours such as being respectful to other passengers, being safe on the platform and helping others. If you receive a reward card from a Transit Officer then you can enter into a competition to win one of two $200 Rebel vouchers.

The competition can be entered in two ways – through the Stay off the Tracks Facebook page or by filling in details on the Reward Card and returning it to a Transit Officer to go into the draw. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 12 July 2016.

Transit Officers do notice when you do the right thing.

Good luck to everybody entering the competition!